FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT invites the scientist and poet to set aside their differences for a night—to come outside, stand very still as the sun sets, feel the earth turning eastward, be dazzled by a moonrise, catch a falling star, walk with constellations, ride a rocket to Jupiter space, and finally look back at the Home Planet with new eyes. In poetry, prose, and picture, author/poet Robert Eklund and illustrator Virginia Hoge have created a unique mix of astronomy and art that asks you to join them in the billion-year mission of “descrambling the wonder, outside and inside.”


The evening burns,
The dark earth turns,
The mountains loom against the sky;

One star looks down
To bless the town,
While sunset clouds sail grandly by.

And if the light
Of noon's delight
Moves on, and leaves us where we are,

The darkest night
But aids our sight—
The better to reveal the star.

— Robert L. Eklund


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"In his marvellous book First Star I See Tonight, Bob Eklund follows the tradition of those few writers who don’t tell us how to appreciate the sky, but why we must.”

— David H. Levy, Jarnac Observatory,
Vail, Arizona; co-discoverer of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

“Mr. Eklund’s objective verse is very bracing in these subjective days. As most gloriously shown in Loren Eiseley, a science–art combination can have a stereoscopic effect, rich in substance and creative tension. I found many of the haiku arresting—a swift, sharp focus on something there but not seen. And I’ve always loved the interspersing of poems with text—it gathers things together into a fascinating, creative shape, text enhancing poems, the poems each other.”

— Lawrence Myers, poet and fabulist;
co-owner, Sam Johnson’s Bookshop, Mar Vista, California

“Bravo, bravissimo! Robert Eklund has devised an original structure into which to insert his playfully impersonal haiku and other poems, handled with great skill. I have had a wonderful time reading through this unique sequence of poetry, and pondering the many beautiful, original, and whimsical delights that he so thoughtfully points out.”

— Donald Sidney-Fryer, California poet and literary historian,
author of
Songs & Sonnets Atlantean

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